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Crisis as a chance

KiD is a diagnostic-therapeutical institution offering in-patient treatment for 18 children aged four to twelve with a substantiated or strongly suspected history of psychological, physical or sexual abuse.

Situated in the heart of Duesseldorf KiD provides new perspectives to these children and their families.

Read and see who we are and how we work on this website or contact us if you like us to inform you personally.


Historical background

In the 1980s the extend of violence against children became more and more public. This mobilized medical specialists working with children. A leading role in the Rhine area had Dr. Eugen Jungjohann.


As head physician of the psychiatric clinic of the Bergische Diakonie Aprath for children and adolescents, he worked with children and adolescents who suffered from psychic and psychiatric disorders that were directly linked to psychological, physical and sexual victimization.


Dr. Jungjohann was known for his ambition to approach the violence syndrome from various professional perspectives. He established an interdisciplinary study group with Claus Gollmann and Gudrun Quitmann among its members, and in 1988 founded the Aerztliche Kinderschutzambulanz in Duesseldorf – a medical walk-in clinic for protecting children against all kinds of abuse.


Clinical experience showed that violent families in order to tackle and possibly master recurring crises often needed a complex and intense treatment setting. The children not only needed protection but also individualized diagnostic and therapeutical care in an in-patient environment.


In 1993 on the initiative of Dr. Jungjohann family therapist Claus Gollmann and child therapist Gudrun Quitmann founded the in-patient group KiD as a non-profit organisation (Ltd.). The Hedwig and Samuel-Foundation, the Dorotheenheim e.V. and the Evangelisches Krankenhaus Düsseldorf acted as founding associates. In 2005 the KiD-Foundation replaced the Dorotheenheim e.V. as a partner.