Help with heart

A smart investment

As a founder or sponsor you can help to put an end to many nightmares. Financial means are needed urgently and constantly. Each investment is carefully chosen. It is our goal to put the money to work where it yields the highest benefits.

Some examples are::

  • renovating and extending the children´s living quarters
  • renovating and extending the therapy-center
  • equipping and designing play area and patio
  • gardening at the house Am Vogelsang
  • materials for the aggression room
  • diagnostic-therapeutical material
  • purchase of toys, games and equipment to play

Parents and children also can profit directly from your money – Kid will transfer it to the finding of:


  • additional tutoring to meet the requirements after changing schools through special coaching or one-on-one lessons
  • extracurricular activities, vacation camps, therapeutical horseback riding, sports , birthday and holiday parties, field trips
  • Aktivitäten, Geburtstags- und Weihnachtsfeiern, Ausflüge
  • visits to the theater
  • music therapy

Donations for KiD

You do not want to support KiD with the long term commitment of becoming a founder, but still want to help the children develop new perspectives with a
one-time donation? We thank you very much.

KiD-donation account:
Deutsche Bank Essen
Account number: 250 517 000
Bank identification code: 360 700 50

Donation receipt:

For your support we thank you very much. Please retain the stamped receipt of your bank or post office called Beleg für den Kontoinhaber/Einzahler-Quittung (receipt for the account holder or depositor).


This is a valid receipt up to an amount of 100 Euro for confirming the donation and presenting it to the tax office for tax deduction.


For an amount more than 100 Euros we will automatically send you a donation receipt (as long as you name your address on the receipt)


The KiD-Foundation

The KiD-Foundation was established on January 30th , 2001, by several individuals and the Rotary Club Meerbusch, upon the initiative of the two married couples Mrs Eva M. Jacobi and Mr. Herbert H. Jacobi, as well as Mrs Ingrid Marion Keller and Mr. Heribert Keller.


The objective of the foundation is providing financial support for charitable and scientific projects. Primarily the foundation supports child care institutions for children who are substantiated or strongly suspected victims of psychological, physical or sexual abuse.


These children´s most urgent needs include medical, psychological and therapeutic attention.


Furthermore it is the foundation’s task to include scientific study groups in this treatment and thus enable an intensive exchange of information as well as a prompt transfer and utilization of the knowledge for the benefit of the children.

The Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft in Essen (Alliance of founders for the German science in Essen) administers and represents the KiD-Foundation in legal and business matters. Therefore the foundation has no administrative expenses.


The executive committee of the foundation consists of three members. Two members are elected by the council of the founders, the third member is the representative of the alliance of founders. The members work without salary. The executive committee elects a chairman among themselves.


Founders who provide a minimum amount of Euro 25.000, form the council, personally or by naming a person. Task of the council is to assist the executive management in performing their managerial functions especially with regard to contacting and maintaining further sponsors.


Account for donations for additional funding

Deutsche Bank Essen
Account number:  250 517 000
Bank identification code:  360 700 50

Donations for additional fundings for the KiD-Foundation are tax deductible.


Please contact us.


Dr. Markus Heuel
0049 0201-8 40 12 12


Herbert H. Jacobi
0049 0211-9 10 24 58


Heribert Keller
0049 02102-87 02 11