The KiD-Concept

Integrated, interdisciplinary, innovative: KiD pursues an unique concept. Get an overview on this site.

I Introduction
1. The KiD concept
2. The basic understanding of our work

II Diagnostic-therapeutical crisis group KiD
1. Intake criteria

2. Educational work in the crisis group
Concept-structure-setting (milieu)

3. Diagnostic-therapeutical process
3.1 Results of the psychological diagnosis
3.2 Results of the therapeutical work
3.3 Results the educational work

4. Discharge-phase
4.1. Results and recommendations
4.2. Accompanied reintegration into former milieu or recommended new social environment
4.3. Discharge and aftercare

5. Overview of the entire diagnostic-therapeutical process

III Follow up measures
1. Socio-therapeutical group KiD
2. Treatment group KiDo (in co-operation with Educon)

IV Co-operation with youth welfare services and other institutions

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